The Red Zone Inc is dedicated to providing structure and useful resources to the children in low-income families.


Our vision is where children of low-income families are provided sufficient resources and life skills that will ensure structure and world readiness so that they will maintain an efficient lifestyle.

Ms. Gabrielle Hardeman, also known as Joy, is the founder of The Red Zone. Having grown up in Griffin, Ga she is dedicated to providing structure and resources to the children of her community. Gabby graduated with honors and decided to take the path of education. Ms. Hardeman obtained her GACE paraprofessional certificate and worked as a Kindergarten parapro in the very same elementary school she attended! She also served as a substitute in Spalding County for several years.​ Gabby has also earned her life coach certification! With passion and hard work Gabby believes she can make a change in the lives of the children of her community!

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Audrey Hardeman


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Gabrielle Hardeman

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